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Al Fateh Movie

Launch of Al Fatih Movie and Series

Alnoor Holdings Qatar established a joint venture with Kalinos Holdings, a prominent media groups in Turkey to produce a 'Hollywood' style movie and a high quality series on the Great Caliph Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih. This is the largest media venture between the Arabic world and Turkey amounting to an initial investment of US$ 50 million for the movie, and will inevitably stimulate dynamic creativity in the media industry through the convergence of mind-sets that have several centuries of history together.

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Muhammed Poket Guide

Alnoor Holdings Published the first Pocket Guide about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

As part of its interest to spread high quality products in the publishing industry. Alnoor had released a pockeet guide about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The pocket guide is designed according to the latest standards and specifications in relation to size, presentation, categorization of information, quality of printing and photo: text ratio. It is written in a friendly summarized informative language with an illustrative reading style called (PLTL) which means "proactive language and titled paragraphs". This is to make reading easy and joyful. It facilitates quick referencing and swift moving between different subjects.

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Do you find yourself lost for choice when visiting your local cinema, DVD shop or browsing for online movies? Are you bored with movie content that seems the same time and time again when you watch new productions? Are you fed up with the same style of story-telling, that is devoid of human values?

If yes to any of the above thoughts, Alnoor is developing movie productions that are different in every respect. The content areas are tailored towards large audiences who are hungry for entertainment appealing to their values.

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Muhammad Movie

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Movie

Fateh Movie

Muhammad Al Fateh Movie


Are you constantly flicking between channels for looking for captivating drama or series? Looking for documentaries to inform you on issues of local interest? If you have time to kill, perhaps a short feature can entertain you?

Alnoor is about to launch a fascinating series of titles in dramas, documentaries, historic series and short films that will help you revive experiences in history, sense emotions in dramatic settings, listen to trend setting dialogues and enable your box to be a humanizing influence. Some products under development will be announced soon

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Al Hassan & Al Hussain Series

Fateh Series

Muhammad Al Fateh Series


Are your kids fed up with violent cat and mouse chases? Are children's programmes time consuming without instilling values or education? Do the programmes energize positively or tire mentally?

Alnoor values the elements of creativity in young minds and the yearning for learning. High quality content combined with beautiful colours and animations to the highest quality using cutting edge technology and expertise is the basis for the productions.

Alnoor owns animation content and attractive merchandise to ensure the high energy in children is channeled to develop them to their full potential as well as giving them enjoyment that they crave for throughout their childhood. Alnoor children's stuff will always be fun, fun and lots of fun.

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5 Friends

5 Friends Street

Arabian Sinbad